6 Months of Mentorship

Posted on May 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

The prototype of Geeks Without Bounds’ Accelerator for Humanitarian Projects will begin at June’s Random Hacks of Kindness.

What it is

It’s vital to know where your project fits in the world of humanitarian response. Is someone already building something like this? Who would use this tool, and could they do so safely? For July and August, Kate Chapman of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and Sara Farmer formerly of Global Pulse will provide mentorship to teams to guide them toward responsibility and relevance.
In August and September, teams will be mentored in technical execution and security. Eva Galperin of the EFF and Riley Eller of Ghetto Hackers will cover privacy and data retention policies. Other individuals will coach teams through technical execution and best implementation of their skillsets with their goal in mind.
October will include guidance through business development, setting up legal containers, and beginning pitches for potential funding sources. Kav Latiolais, Startup Weekend facilitator and partner at LIFFFT, will hone business models and presentations. John Higgins of Tropo will mentor in bizdev and pitches. Setting up businesses and non profits will be mentored by Joshua Furman of Furman Law.
In our final month of November, teams will begin to look for funding, with John Higgins coaching. Crowd funding, venture capital, sponsorship, and grants will all be explored as options for continued development.

Each of these mentorships will take place remotely, with the mentors being as distributed as the accelerated teams. You can learn more about our mentors and our advisory board on the Who Is GWOB? page.

How to get involved

To participate, teams will submit a five-minute video detailing their project, their team, and why they believe they would benefit most from Geeks Without Bounds Acceleration. Videos are due by June 10th, with invitations to 3 teams and one back-up announced June 20th. At the end of acceleration, each team will submit a final 10 minute video of their experience with the accelerator and their project pitch. These videos will be aired Friday night before the December RHoK – gaining exposure to potential customers or hirees of Subject Matter Experts, to potential investors of VIPs, and to inspire the incoming hackers.

The goal of Geeks Without Bounds is not only to mentor, but in later rounds to provide stipends for teams to fully concentrate, and to build out our support team to include project management, accounting assistance, grant writing guidance, and scenario testing. You and your business can help make this even bigger and better – check out our sponsorship page to learn how.

We look forward to hearing about your projects and passions!