A Small Victory, But More To Do

Posted on Dec 4, 2016 in GWOBlog

Tonight social media is all a flutter with news about the Army Corps of Engineers statement that they will not give any permit to ETP to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline under Lake Oahe. Many people think that this is a great victory and that the Water Protectors have won. But this is simply not the case. This is one small victory, timed with political issues in mind, and it is not the end of the battle to protect the waters of the Missouri river from this pipeline.

ETP put out their own statement this evening saying,

As stated all along, ETP and SXL are fully committed to ensuring that this vital project is brought to completion and fully expect to complete construction of the pipeline without any additional rerouting in and around Lake Oahe. Nothing this Administration has done today changes that in any way.

The flood lights are still shining down on Oceti Sakowin Camp from the hillside where ETP continues to dig, drill and lay pipe. The helicopters and airplanes still circle overhead. It is clear on the ground that, as ETP stated, nothing has changed.

Geeks Without Bounds continues to be committed to serving the people of Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, the Great Sioux Nation and the camps at Standing Rock with technology support.

In other news, today was a frustrating day for me personally because of the loss of TWO routers at The Dome in Oceti Sakowin Camp. A few days ago, someone cut the wires that went from a 12 volt battery on the floor of The Dome up to our Intranet router that provided access to Mumble in camp. They took the wires and the battery, leaving the router up on the metal structure. Yesterday evening, the WiFi router that provided Internet to the community under the SSID “Internet Cafe” went down, and today we discovered that the radios in the brand new router were completely shot. Something, though we don’t know what, utterly disabled the radios such that even rebooting, even SSHing in to the router and trying to turn the radios back on, could not make the WiFi router work again.

Tonight, two of our tech team drove up to Bismarck to take Dr. Cornell West back to the airport and stopped on their way home to pick up a new router for the Internet Cafe in The Dome. Tomorrow we will have Internet in the Dome to provide a livestream of the the Oceti Sakowin Camp Press Conference at 1pm Central Time.