Agrodomestics is a project by Pezestudio (, a Madrid-Bilbao-based team that joined the Geeks Without Bounds humanitarian accelerator in January of 2013. The project is based on Agronautas, a platform for research and design proposals that provide advances in sustainability without feeling like a throwback to the stone age.

AgroDomestics are replicable systems developed in a DIY/DIWO (do it yourself/do it with others) way, using natural and ecological materials and appropriate technologies in order to minimize energy and resources impact.

One of the goals of AgroDomestics is to make energy consumption understandable and measurable by everyday people. Using open hardware and software, they build sensors into everyday items in a non-intrusive way, allowing users to directly see their use of resources and the impact on their environment in real time and across historical periods. Designs are shared with the community, and communities come together to build the furniture and energy systems. The systems collect data and share that information socially in order to support personal, family and communal sustainability goals.

An example set from the Agrodomestics project is the Agrococina, a complete kitchen designed with open code and open hardware, available for DIY/DIWO (do it yourself/do it with others) construction with modifications that fit your specific needs. The kitchen is designed to be built from recycled materials, and includes a solar oven, biomass stove, solar energy for other needs, a sustainable water filter, preparation counters and cabinets, table, chairs and lounge, and a suite of integrated sensors to help measure energy production and use.

In order to openly develop these sustainable practices, the group has recently built AgroStation in Intermediae, Matadero Madrid, through participative workshops. This mobile space is conceived as an open meeting and research laboratory for citizens. In AgroStation people can discover, try and interact with some AgroDomestics as the Parasite Solar Oven (prepared to be installed in home windows), the Botijo Fridge (that uses no electricity), an earthworm based water treatment sink or a human powered and wind turbine energy system.


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