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What Is the Geeks Without Bounds Accelerator?
The Geeks Without Bounds Accelerator is a six month program of mentorship to help open source humanitarian projects go from prototype toward sustainability.

Who Should Apply?
You should apply you have an open source technology project that serves a civic or humanitarian purpose.

What happens in the Accelerator Program?
For the first three months of the program teams meet with their Geeks Without Bounds mentor every week, and in the second half of the program they meet just once every other week. Together, they cover a range of topics in our core curriculum and meet with outside experts on topics that are specific to the needs of that team. We help you with your business plan, understanding what types of legal containers might work best for your project, choosing open source licenses (if you haven’t already), how to get funding, and more. We also connect you with technical experts on topics that are important to your project.

You can find out more about

You Keep Saying “Open Source”. What Does That Mean?
“Open source software is software that can be freely used, changed, and shared (in modified or unmodified form) by anyone. Open source software is made by many people, and distributed under
licenses that comply with the Open Source Definition.”     – The Open Source Initiative

Does “Open Source Humanitarian Project” Mean We Can’t Make Money?
We all need to pay our bills, and you are no exception! Open Source projects CAN and DO make money – you are more than welcome to monetize your projects. As an added bonus, by creating an Open Source project, you are opening yourself up to a thriving volunteer and user community that can help make your project better and may contribute a great deal to humanitarian work worldwide.

How Much Does The Accelerator Program Cost?
The accelerator program costs $1000 per month for a total of $6000 for six months of mentorship.

What If We Don’t Have $6000 Handy?
Projects that are already funded will be expected to pay the full amount, whether they pay the full $6000 in advance or make $1000 payments at the beginning of each month. However, most projects do not have those funds when they start the program.

For those projects, the mentorship program will be teaching you how to fundraise as part of the process. We will guide you as you mount a campaign to raise the funds to pay your tuition and, hopefully some additional funds for team stipends and resources. We support your campaign in a number of ways, with access to tools, templates, and checklists. You’ll also get exposure on our blog and social media, and we’ll connect you to our network of potential donors/sponsors.

What If We’re Not Sure We’re Ready For The Accelerator?
You can sign up for an Accelerator Weekend and spend two days working intensively on the business side of your project. The Accelerator Weekend focuses on defining exactly what sustainability looks like for your project. It gives you information about your choices of legal container (for profit, benefit corporation, nonprofit, etc), and helps you define exactly what your project should look like from both a technical and an organizational point of view in 6 months time. At the end of the weekend you’ll have a roadmap to work from, and a better idea of what our full accelerator program involves.

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