BioMedLink was launched at the June 2012 Random Hacks of Kindness in San Francisco and subsequently joined the GWOB Humanitarian Accelerator in its first round. This project aims to connect the creators of appropriate technology biomedical devices with the medical professionals who need them in low resource environments. The key to this program is a Drupal based website with profile pages on innovators, products, and medical service providers. The long term plan is to create a space where innovators can interact directly with the people who would use their devices from the early design stages through field test and all the way to market, making sure that the products that reach the end user are truly purpose-built for the realities of emergency situations or impoverished areas.


The Code:

There is currently no public code repository. Contact Terry Mandel if you would like to help with programming and need access to the code.

Get Involved:

Tell everyone about our project! Follow us on Twitter. Help us connect with the people who will build BioMedLink into a strong organization.
Lead Developer
We need the right person who can lead the development of our system, guide the volunteers and interns, and bring our fledgling software to maturity.
UX and Graphic designers
Help improve the design of the site.
Drupal Theme Developers
Turn designs into a Drupal theme for us.
Non-Monetary Donations
, e.g., frequent flyer miles so that we can go to conferences to connect with the innovators and aid organizations who will use this site.
Donate money