Connecting to the Space Apps Challenge

Posted on Mar 6, 2012 in Events

At Geeks Without Bounds, we’re all about the engagement of awesome people with awesome projects. Which is why you, dear reader, should totally hook into the Space Apps Challenge. I mean, it’s with SPACE. Really. Mainstage locations include each of the continents (including the event we’re hosting in SFO) along with THE SPACE STATION. You get that?

As someone who watches Neil DeGrass Tyson and Carl Sagan videos every morning to remind myself that humanity is filled with amazing people and that continuing to work is a worthwhile purpose, I cannot possibly express how [redacted] happy I am that we’re working WITH SPACE. I am, in all honesty, muppety-arm-waving excited right now. And I don’t care if you judge me, it’s true.

So here’s what you can do:

Come. Participate. We’ll announce registration for each of the mainstage location here as soon as we can. One of those will be in SFO. I know because I’m planning it. You can also have a satellite location (see what we did there?) elsewhere. I’m totally happy to help you with that. Or you can do it on your own. I believe in you.

Want to keep up with what other people are doing in the SpaceApps challenge? Join in the conversation on Facebook or IRC freenode channel #spaceapps

During the event, enjoy your postgeographic participation by joining in on those channels with your newfound friends. Also, you should do things like take lots of pictures and stream video! We’ll be livestreaming from our location in SFO – Vidyo is sponsoring that for all locations. Ping us to find out how to sign up (or just watch this blog).

Afterwards, post the gems to youtube and flickr. Tag the videos and images with SpaceAppsChallenge.  Encourage participants to take videos of themselves with their webcams reporting on the event and the progress of their projects and then post these to YouTube with the SpaceAppsChallenge tag. The naming convention on Flickr is InternationalSpaceAppsChallenge [Location].  Encourage participants to take pictures of the event and post them on your location’s Flickr page tagged with SpaceAppsChallenge.