Everyone Hacks: Post-Event Breakdown

Posted on Jan 25, 2013 in Conferences, Events, Other Companies

Everyone Hacks was a resounding success! Our teams were dedicated, our sponsors generous, and our judges thoughtful. This isn’t our first rodeo, but we were impressed with the level of creativity in forming solutions to educational challenges from everyone involved. To get the full social media experience, check out the hashtag #EveryoneHacks on twitter and the event’s storify feed, where you can find all the presentations from the lightning talks and workshops.

While all the teams hacked their hearts out and produced excellent work, there were a few teams who rose above their peers to win the Everyone Hacks grand prizes! Check out the video below to see each team’s pitch to the judges (timestamps are included next to each team’s description below the video).

Grand Prize Winners
$1000 HP gift cards and Women’s Technology Leadership Conference tickets
GroupSail (00:20:00)
Accountability-focused management for group projects in an education setting with flagging capabilities.

Renaissance iOS App Developers Conference ticket
Augmented Entomology (01:04:50)
3D gyro-based & tracking entomology education program with possible digital dissection.

Spot at Digital Democracy’s Gender-Based Violence Hackathon in Port Au Prince, via Tropo
Wendy Fong, designer and implementer extraordinaire, from Group Sail.

Spheros for best use of SendGrid API
TeachShare (00:59:25)
Curriculum sharing/rating network for teachers from veterans to newbies!

Other Prizes
Conductive greeting card kits
MyEvilTwinLikes (00:54:00)
Facebook partner sharing app between progressives/conservatives that educates both sides of the aisle!

TeachShare (00:59:25)
Curriculum sharing/rating network for teachers from veterans to n00bs!

Soldering kits
Techy:Preppy (00:48:50)
Studying app for technology job interview preparations. Track progress and compare stats via social media.

No Starch Press books
Flash Moustache (00:41:30)
iPad/web student vocab learning app, teacher monitoring, with SMS updates to parents on their students progress.

Minty Boost
Trader Books (00:37:15)
Social site for teachers to exchange and donate textbooks with each other so students have enough books to learn!

ReadToMe (00:26:10)
Audible web in natural language, read by human beings. Makes web human, accessible. Bookmarks like Pinterest.

Safecracker puzzle and books from No Starch Press
SkillJam (00:32:20)
Community skill-sharing jam sessions to learn from one another. Each member must teach and learn via currency of time.

No Starch Press’ Python for Kids book
@teachrdan, because he’s Teacher Dan.

Mad props to our wonderful sponsors HP, Tropo, SendGrid, NextSpace, and No Starch Press. We here at Geeks Without Bounds couldn’t have put on this event without you. Much love!