Calling all Hackers Of Color in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Posted on Jan 5, 2015 in Get Involved

Calling all hackers of color (henceforth “hoc”) in the San Francisco bay area: Geeks Without Bounds would like to run a memorial hackathon in honor of Eno Jackson who served as our fundraising manager in the year before her untimely death in August. She had been trying to coordinate some educational projects with GWOB and the Native American community in Stockton, but that never came to fruition. She cared a lot about connecting people of color to the opportunities and self sufficiency of working with technology. She was involved with Sudoroom and Liberating Ourselves Locally/Oakland Makerspace. We’d like to honor her by working with an hoc who can help curate challenges for this hackathon that will be useful and/or meaningful to the communities she cared so much about. It is important that we have a non-white facilitator so that this project does not turn into the kind of accidental colonialist enterprise that Eno would have despised!

This will be a paid contract, not a volunteer job (unless you are already wealthy and don’t want the money), and will require 0-10 hours of work a week between now and March, plus 20 hours over the hackathon weekend. If you like the work and are good at it, it may turn into more of same, as we need to expand our pool of talented hackathon facilitator-mentors. We are only able to pay $15/hr, but you can take comfort in the fact that you will earn the same hourly rate as the two full time employees get!

Geeks Without Bounds is a Washington state nonprofit company under the fiscal sponsorship of the School Factory. We support humanitarian open source projects through a combination of hackathons and an accelerator program. Our hackathons are inclusive and welcoming, and encourage people of all skill sets and skill levels to bring their experience and ingenuity to bare on projects that are meaningful to the participants and their communities. Our accelerator program involves a six month mentorship program to help projects go from prototype to sustainability, and this year we are adding weekend intensive accelerator workshops for civic and humanitarian projects that need a kickstart towards planning their sustainable futures.

The perfect candidate for this role will be someone who has technical skills in software or hardware hacking, loves to share knowledge, believes strongly in open source as an ethos (not just a license type), refuses to be a token hoc and will work with us – and even kick our butts – to help make Geeks Without Bounds a much more ethnically diverse community. Other requirements: willingness to use Google Hangouts for meetings, Google drive for shared documents, and Redbooth for task list management.

Contact lisha @ geeks wo bounds .org (no spaces, of course!)

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