March 2013 Team Updates

Mar 31, 2013

Here’s a quick update on what our current accelerator teams are up to! Our teams completed their most recent mentorship sessions with Christy Wilson of Splunk and talked about business plans, big data, and how to form partnerships. The teams may take advantage of Splunk4Good’s software offerings, a program of Splunk that works with non-profits […]

Get to Know the Teams: The Pineapple Project!

Feb 13, 2013

The Pineapple Project, our US-based team, is developing a SMS application for subsistence farmers in tropical and sub-tropical regions. The goal of their application is to provide farmers with information on markets, growing conditions, and resources to make their yields as profitable and efficient as possible. The team hopes that through this distribution of information, […]

Get to Know the Teams: Bachchao!

Feb 4, 2013

Trigger warning for victims of assault. Bachchao, our team from Bangalore, is putting the finishing touches on a prototype of their mobile distress app. We profiled Bachchao as RHoK participants before they applied and were accepted to the Geeks Without Bounds Accelerator, and are deeply pleased with the approach the team is taking to address […]

Get to Know the Teams: Agrodomestics!

Feb 2, 2013

Agrodomestics, our Madrid-based team focusing on urban sustainability monitoring, already have their collective noses to the grind-stone in the early days of the accelerator program. They have an ambitious goal: to make energy consumption understandable and measurable by everyday people. Via AgroDomestics Energy Monitoring Systems, common resource and energy consumption is made visible and shows […]

Welcoming the January 2013 Accelerator Teams!

Welcoming the January 2013 Accelerator Teams!

Jan 10, 2013

6 months of mentorship. There is a disconnect between technologists with the skills to effect humanitarian change and the organizations with the resources, networks, and know-how to put those changes into effect. This is where we come in. Geeks Without Bounds’ six month mentorship program provides agile, project-based teams with the guidance they need to […]

Accelerator Deadline: December 15th!

Dec 10, 2012

The Geeks Without Bounds Accelerator program is currently accepting applications from humanitarian projects that need time and mentorship to go beyond the realm of a weekend hackathon project. The deadline is fast approaching, so gather your information and fill out the application by December 15th! The GWOB accelerator gives you access to mentors who will […]

WaterMe Update #1

Aug 22, 2012

By Lindsay Oliver WaterMe, one of our accelerator teams, is working to lessen the impact of drought worldwide. They will achieve this by providing visualization tools to monitor the water content of crops and assist in irrigation testing, evaluating, and monitoring. This is made possible by extracting NASA’s MODIS data, mapping the previous 10 years […]

FourTeachers update

Aug 7, 2012

​By Lindsay Oliver Four Teachers is part of GWOB’s humanitarian accelerator program. The team is developing The Desk, a one-stop repository of teaching resources aligned to state standards. It is a community network created for teachers, by teachers with the goal of improving education as a whole through the sharing and refining of time-tested resources. […]

Meet the Teams : WaterMe

Jul 3, 2012

From the team: WaterMe is a global and free to access drought monitoring and information service using NDWI data (measuring the amount of water stored in vegetation) extracted from freely available MODIS data supplied by NASA. The aim is to store the previous 10 years data and provide timely updates through a web interface using […]

Meet the Teams : FourTeachers

Jul 2, 2012

FourTeachers focuses on improving education in the United States. By providing a resource to check lesson plans against state requirements, instructors have more time to spend on the creative aspects of their work, including engaging students. They got a solid start at Austin’s Random Hacks of Kindness with a focus on Texas, but are building […]