Deployed Devices call

Mar 29, 2013

If you could put anything at all onto devices shipped into the field during disaster response, and they could stay through recovery, what would you put on them? What about a few million devices being shipped into developing areas? These are the questions we asked of ourselves and others in light of Microsoft’s Disaster response […]

Uchaguzi: Monitoring the 2013 Kenyan Election

Uchaguzi: Monitoring the 2013 Kenyan Election

Mar 4, 2013

Today is the Kenyan general election, and their first election since the new constitution was implemented. After the 2008 Kenyan election, violence erupted amid alleged charges of results manipulation. Ushahidi, a crowdsourced reporting platform, provided visualizations of violence and citizen reports during both the 2008 and 2010 elections. For the 2013 elections, Ushahidi has launched […]

Occupy Sandy: Notes from Adam Greenfield

Feb 26, 2013

Adam Greenfield, Speedbird blogger and author of Everyware: The dawning age of ubiquitous computing, has written an account of the Occupy Sandy relief effort in New York from the perspective of an in-the-trenches volunteer. His post, Preliminary Notes to a Diagram of Occupy Sandy, provides an in-depth look at the structural and cultural factors contributing […]

GWOBcast Notes: Occupy Sandy Edition

Dec 20, 2012

Our most recent podcast was a doozy, so we’ve put together a summary of topics/timestamps for a more streamlined viewing experience, links to all the resources mentioned, and contact info for all the cast particpants. Timestamps and Topics: 0:00 – Participant introductions. 5:30 – Overview of InterOccupy/Occupy Sandy inception and development. 7:15 – Sougwen’s experience […]

The Sahana Software Foundation needs your support

Dec 7, 2012

Whenever Geeks Without Bounds is involved in a hackathon, we know in theory that the software being built will help those in crisis somewhere at some time in the foggy future. Often we get to hear about how projects have fared under the pressure of real world use, and we’ve had the opportunity to learn […]

Hurricane Sandy: Response Overview

Hurricane Sandy: Response Overview

Dec 5, 2012

This blog entry was co-written by Galit Sorokin and Willow Brugh, and edited by Lindsay Oliver. Mad props to them and to all the fine folk we had the honor of working with. Special thanks to Tropo, who made it possible for me to deploy with the FEMA innovation team. And kittens and hearts to […]

The Importance of Meaningful Data in Crisis Response.

Nov 23, 2012

Where we’re at. As recently as a week ago, victims of Hurricane Sandy were without heat or power during a snowstorm. Some families are still without the most basic amenities. It wasn’t for lack of effort from NGOs. It seems every known (and unknown) disaster relief organization descended on the east coast to hand out […]

How FEMA gets to enter an area

How FEMA gets to enter an area

Nov 8, 2012

Currently deployed with FEMA’s innovation team (iknowright?) for #Sandy, so I’ll be brief. Lots of stuff being worked on, lots of approvals have to be gotten before it sees the light of day. But here’s a brief overview of how FEMA is able to deploy anywhere, to address some rumors and assumptions going around.   […]

How To Help

Oct 30, 2012

Stay out of the Way Just as non-EMTs shouldn’t try to resuscitate someone if an EMT or similarly qualified person is anywhere nearby, trying to learn a mapping program in the middle of a disaster can be a distraction to the experienced administrators running the mapping effort. Your time might be better spent looking at […]

The Cycle of Disaster Management

Oct 9, 2012

During the weekend of September 21-23, a group of hackers and disaster management specialists met at Aston University in Birmingham, England to work on software to support the needs of civil defense managers before, during and after a disaster (see The weekend was successful in moving several existing projects forward in development as well […]