February Digital Humanitarian Network Call-in

Feb 12, 2014

Audio can be downloaded from here. Topics We Covered The DHN Website The current DHN website is based on the Ning platform, and has a bunch of bottlenecks based on admin roles and how communication happens on it. It is also on a proprietary platform, antithetical to the values of some Network members. They have […]

Interview: Splunk4Good Program Director Corey Marshall

Jan 21, 2014

Splunk is one of Geeks Without Bounds’ fiscal sponsors (the other being Tropo.

Open Humanitarian Code Sprint Overview

Oct 2, 2013

OHI purpose The Open Humanitarian Initiative strives to revolutionize how information is shared in humanitarian response by engaging nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions, private sector technology companies, donors and governments in a shared vision that advocates for open data. Code sprint To enact this purpose, OHI hosted a code sprint to bring together individuals from a […]

New Addition to the GWOB Team: Sam Menza!

Jun 19, 2013

My name’s Sam Menza, and I love technology, startups, learning new skills, and (more recently) tinkering with electronics.  Right now I’m studying to be electrical engineer at the University of Connecticut, though my hometown is Basking Ridge, NJ.  When I’m not working on my latest circuit assignment, I really enjoy reading (sci-fi and eastern philosophy […]

Deployed Devices call

Mar 29, 2013

If you could put anything at all onto devices shipped into the field during disaster response, and they could stay through recovery, what would you put on them? What about a few million devices being shipped into developing areas? These are the questions we asked of ourselves and others in light of Microsoft’s Disaster response […]

Digital Humanitarian Scaling Call

Mar 25, 2013

There’s an affiliations group called Digital Humanitarian Network which GWOB (and some other great groups) are a part of. The group is growing steadily, and defining itself as it goes. We played through a scenario together at ICCM 2012, and are looking forward to further interaction with people in the future. Below follow the notes […]

Splunk Sorts Sandy Social Data

Feb 25, 2013

In disaster situations, an overwhelming amount of data contributes to the chaos that responders must face. Splunk (one of GWOB’s partner organizations) is a real time engine for mission data, a powerful tool for turning the noise into usable information. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the Splunk team put together a series of reports […]

Welcoming the January 2013 Accelerator Teams!

Welcoming the January 2013 Accelerator Teams!

Jan 10, 2013

6 months of mentorship. There is a disconnect between technologists with the skills to effect humanitarian change and the organizations with the resources, networks, and know-how to put those changes into effect. This is where we come in. Geeks Without Bounds’ six month mentorship program provides agile, project-based teams with the guidance they need to […]

Getting to Know: Intelesense Technologies

Oct 20, 2012

What do they do? Intelesense Technologies offers tools and support services for monitoring the environment and its inhabitants. A suite of three products: InteleCell, InteleView and InteleNet; provides sensor data and 3D visualization through an integrated global network. They have corporate offices in Hawaii, Research and Development in California, and field offices at each of […]

Humanitarian Toolbox

Oct 6, 2012

Originally posted at Humanitarian Toolbox, written by Gisli. We are incredibly honored to be a part of this initiative. Today we at NetHope, CrisisCommons and GeeksWithoutBounds are proud to announce, in partnership with Microsoft and DotNetRocks the launch of the Humanitarian Toolbox. The Humanitarian Toolbox is an initiative intended to help bring the expertise and good will of the software development community to the humanitarian world. Ever […]