Self Care and the Humanitarian Response Worker

Dec 18, 2013

As the response community continues to manage the ongoing efforts in the Philippines, long-term stressors are coming to the fore as responders are faced with the pain of those in need. While we are not the affected populations that desperately need aid and resources, we are most definitely vulnerable to those same traumas that they […]

Three Year Anniversary GWOBcast

Oct 22, 2013

As of October 10th, Geeks Without Bounds is no longer in our Terrible Twos! As we move into our third year of humanitarian technology work, we’d like to thank our generous program sponsors who have helped us develop both as a company and as contributors in the humanitarian field. Tropo and Splunk, we would not […]

How a Technophobe Learned to Love Hackathons

Aug 16, 2013

Today’s post is a contribution from the most excellent writer and educator Kristan Karinen, who assisted with ops and interviewing at #EveryoneHacksCHI. Follow her musings on her blog. _____________________________________________________________________________ It’s like the opening scene of some bizarre, ethereal Sci-Fi flick from the 70s. The warm midday sun streams through the oversized windows that line the […]

RHoKNOLA and Capes

Jun 2, 2013

In an impromptu flurry of activity, Random Hacks New Orleans was official 10 days before the event. I had never been to New Orleans before, but the components were in order and we were go for launch – at LaunchPad! Some lovely folk I had barely met offered an amazing amount of assistance. Datawind sent […]

First Hackathon and Hackathon Firsts

Mar 27, 2013

Note: This is a personal piece from our Content Creator, Lindsay Oliver, with additional input from one of the EveryoneHacks winners, Wendy Fong. EveryoneHacks was the first hackathon that I actively participated in. Seriously. I’ve been around them plenty of times in the past few years, but only from the sidelines, in passing at my […]

Occupy Sandy: Notes from Adam Greenfield

Feb 26, 2013

Adam Greenfield, Speedbird blogger and author of Everyware: The dawning age of ubiquitous computing, has written an account of the Occupy Sandy relief effort in New York from the perspective of an in-the-trenches volunteer. His post, Preliminary Notes to a Diagram of Occupy Sandy, provides an in-depth look at the structural and cultural factors contributing […]

The Importance of Meaningful Data in Crisis Response.

Nov 23, 2012

Where we’re at. As recently as a week ago, victims of Hurricane Sandy were without heat or power during a snowstorm. Some families are still without the most basic amenities. It wasn’t for lack of effort from NGOs. It seems every known (and unknown) disaster relief organization descended on the east coast to hand out […]

V&TC summit summary

Oct 24, 2012

Huge hearts to Galit for so much help on this doc, and to Matt Stempeck and Heather Leson for their heavy input. On October 10th, a small group of Volunteer and Technical Community leaders and academics focused on crisis and humanitarian response gathered at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC. The V&TC summit was […]

RELIEF summary part II

Aug 21, 2012

Co-authored post from Ella and Willow Yesterday, you read about Civil Air Patrol and the basis of RELIEF. We continue that conversation today into security and the complexities of mismatched cultural backgrounds. On the security side, Rogue Genius’s George Chamales and Geeks Without Bounds’s Eleanor Saitta spoke with RELIEF attendees about their systems. While the […]

RELIEF summary part I

Aug 20, 2012

Co-authored post from Ella and Willow This week, Willow Brugh and Eleanor Saitta represented Geeks Without Bounds at RELIEF at Camp Roberts in California, an event that’s a long way from our usual beat. A “Joint-Interagency Field Experimentation”, most of the people at RELIEF are from US military humanitarian response groups or agencies like FEMA […]