Crisis Response Activation for Software Developers

Posted on Sep 6, 2017 in Crisis Response, hackathons
Crisis Response Activation for Software Developers

Software architects, UI/UX designers, coders, database developers

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Hurricane Harvey has devastated Texas. Hurricane Irma is hitting the Caribbean now and is on its way to Florida. The Western US is dealing with thousands of fires that are threatening homes, businesses, farms, and millions of acres of forest. In addition to the large organized emergency response organizations like Red Cross, Salvation Army, and FEMA that are on the ground, thousands of people are from across the country are helping out through grassroots efforts such as CrowdRescue.

Right now, those grassroots efforts are being managed through a combination of Google Docs and Slack channels, but we know that there is a better way — one that can help manage resources both within local geographic regions and across regions to share surplus with those who need it most. We already have a functional workflow being used with the Google docs, but we want to improve on that, make it easier to spin up a response coordination effort, and easier to share resources across regions. This is especially important given that both these crises effect large regions with diverse needs in each smaller geographic area within the affected areas.

We are calling an immediate virtual hackathon, starting NOW. Our first priority is to take the workflow that has been used for CrowdRescue and turn that into a design for the new software. We are open to different suggested architectures and designs, but we hope to come to agreement as a group on one path that we’ll move forward with by mid-day Thursday September 7. From there, we’ll throw all our efforts into creating a minimum viable product which can help citizen volunteers NEXT WEEK, providing a step up from the current Google Docs experience.

Once we have completed the intense “virtual hackathon” phase, we plan to work long term to make this platform a useful tool for community based mutual aid coordination to support recovery over the long term AND to be prepared for future crises, whether they come one at a time or in clusters like we are seeing right now.

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