Design A Jungle Network at RHoKSec this Thurs & Fri in Amsterdam

Posted on May 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

An indigenous community in Ecuador would like to build a wireless network that will cover a million acres of land in the Amazon. We’re going to use this to run a Taarifa instance to track pollution and illegal encroachment in their area. There are some challenges, though. Hardwood trees block radio signals. There are no roads. Heavy rains may dislodge equipment. Animals may eat your infrastructure. There are bugs everywhere. Heat and humidity shorten the lifespan of digital equipment. Sound like a fun challenge? We think so!

This is a theoretical challenge. We Do not expect you to find a jungle and WiFi it. Though if you want to WiFi vondelpark we are not stopping you! The situation is thus… The Cofan have legal rights to their land. They are being infringed on two sides. On one side loggers are cutting down their trees, but there is no way to report this. More seriously, large petrochemical firms are sinking tar test pits all over that protected river hunting ground. Because this cannot be reported the companies dig with impunity. We MUST stop that. The water pollution is killing children… That is the line.

This project involves finding a solution that provides enough of a network to report back to a local server which will then sat link over the data. You can see the problem. It is a fascinating challenge that can do real good. We need hackers, network people, eco warriors and a few ex mil types that know about rough conditions would be useful.

There is no electricity supply, you are 10 hrs from civilisation… Give us some plans. Mock up hardware, do a presentation… For this one just help! The Taarifa challenge may be the platform… Hint go talk to them.

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