Geeks without Bounds is supported by the generous donations of time, resources and money by individuals, organizations and companies who share our common vision of using geek powers for good.

Want to throw a few bucks our way towards general operations? We totally appreciate it!

If you prefer to send donations by check, the address is:

Geeks Without Bounds
8523 Salal Dr.
Anderson Island, WA 98303-8741




Random Hacks of Kindess

Event-Based Partners and Sponsors:

We are currently seeking sponsorship specifically in the following ways:

  • Donate your time to projects which have been vetted by us as useful and modular enough to warrant outside engagement.
  • Team stipends and bounties. Prizes offered for completing milestones, building on open source projects, or simply clear documentation would not only incentivize adhering to creative commons and open source ideologies, but would also allow the teams to focus more on building their project rather than fitting it in after work.
  • Support for Geeks Without Bounds itself. We run very close to line, but are in the process of scaling. Graduated teams put a small percentage of their proceeds and profits back into GWOB, but their success takes time. Sponsoring at this level also means supporting our yearly summit (the first of which will happen in 2013) to have alumni, current mentees, and our amazing network of advisers and mentors.