Everyone Hacks Update: Schedule and Speakers

Posted on Jan 9, 2013 in Conferences, Events

At the Everyone Hacks event, the focus will be on educational initiatives that push forward the technology we use to encourage learning, both in and out of the classroom. Inclusiveness of all demographics (race, sex, gender, language and ethnic groups, etc.) is both appreciated and encouraged. In that spirit, we’ve purposefully curated a speakers list that spans a wide range of experiences and skills. Check out the detailed breakdown of the schedule below.

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Detailed Schedule Breakdown

Note: Childcare will be provided for little ones 6 months – 2 years of age. If no one has signed up for childcare by 5 PM, January 12th, it will be no longer be offered.


  • 18:00 Doors and refreshments
  • 19:00 Introductions and ice breakers
  • 20:00 Lightning talks:
    • Hermione Way on “What I Learned Traveling Around The World Meeting Startups”
    • Liz Howard on How To Pick A Project
    • Adria Richards on SendGrid
    • John ‘Diggz’ Higgins on Tropo
    • Subject matter experts around education
  • 21:30 Project pitches and team formations
  • 22:00 Head home to sleep


  • 09:00 Doors and breakfast
  • 10:00 Workshops:
    • JS APIs/HTTP APIs workshop with Pamela Fox
    • UI/UX workshops with Sheba Najmi and Gwen Brinsmead
    • Hackathon Team Formations and Workflow with Liz Howard
    • Rapid Prototyping with Prachi Gupta and Matthew Shoup
    • Allies Training with Valerie Aurora
  • 12:00 Lunch and hacking commences
  • 18:00 Dinner
  • 21:00 Head out


  • 09:00 Doors and breakfast
  • 9:30 Hacking!
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 15:00 Presentations
  • 16:30 Awards
  • 17:00 Everyone goes home!

Featured Speakers

Adria Richards

Before SendGrid, Adria worked as a SMB technology consultant to streamline workflows using Google Apps and cloud based solutions. She has delivered training and technology services for Fortune 500 companies and startups including Apple, John Deere, Equinox and Zendesk. Adria’s passion for technology has led to a loyal following on her YouTube channel with more than 1.5 million views and opportunities with major brands including Dell, CDW, Motorola, Samsung and T-Mobile. Before this, Adria worked for Geeksquad and American Express as a network support engineer in Minnesota. She has spoken at major conferences including SXSW, O’Reilly Web 2.0, BlogHer, as well as through media outlets including The Rachel Maddow show, NPR, Inc.com, ComputerWorld and Black Enterprise Magazine. Adria lives in San Francisco and is active in the female developer community. She will be speaking on the tenets of the SendGRid system and how this API can be leveraged by the hacker community, especially in this hackathon.

Liz Howard

Liz is a developer, teacher, consultant, and a general technologist. She develops courses and creates programmers by day, and teaches classes for Girl Develop It by night. She also loves to hack in a number of languages, and has been programming professionally for 8 years. Follow her on twitter at @lizthedeveloper. In her workshop, Liz will be explaining how to nominate a coordinator, someone who will be responsible for assembling the final product into something coherent. Everyone should create, including product people, so we’ll discuss ways for everyone to contribute more than just an idea. We’ll also talk about how to strike a balance between micromanaging and complete chaos. Other topics include How To Settle Disputes, Dividing Up Tasks, and General Optimization.

John Higgins

Johnny “Diggz” Higgins, is an entrepreneur, musician, filmmaker and founder of Geeks Without Bounds. In 1999 Diggz co-founded Voxeo and serves as Chief Evangelist for Voxeo Labs’ flagship cloud communications platform, Tropo and its community of over 250,000 developers. Diggz is also a professional dueling piano player and will perform at the slightest arm-twist. He’ll be speaking on behalf of Tropo, one of the event’s sponsors.

Hermione Way

Hermione Way is a journalist and new media entrepreneur. Having graduated as a journalist (and even before graduating, completing a National Council for the Training of Journalists qualification; something usually taken as a post-graduate) Hermione has shown an impressive track record of establishing innovative businesses in the new media space. In addition to her business activities, Hermione is active in promoting entrepreneurship and encouraging more women to become involved in technology. In a very short space of time she has become a leading figure in new media and internet startups in London and globally. In addition to her wide-ranging online broadcasting activities where she regularly produces content on a range of issues, she regularly appears on Sky News as an internet commentator. See her full bio here.

Sheba Najmi

Sheba Najmi is a User Experience designer and Product strategist. She was a lead designer for Yahoo! Mail, with over 260 million users. As a Code for America 2012 Fellow, her projectHonolulu Answers won an IxDA award. Sheba and Gwen Brinsmead will be leading a session together on an often overlooked area in hackathons – getting user input to determine your hack idea. Want to design your application in a way that’s sure to make sense to your users? Not only that, how about if it delights, wows, and keeps your users coming back for more? We’ll teach you principles of interaction design, how to prioritize features, collect user feedback, and some quick ways to create a great UI at our User Interface and Experience workshop!

Gwen Brinsmead

Gwen Brinsmead is a UX/UI designer at Appcelerator and has attended various hackathons in the past including Angelhack SF where her team won Favorite and Highest Scoring Hack. Sheba and Gwen co-lead a full-day UX Design workshop for Girl Develop It. Gwen will be leading a workshop with Sheba Najmi on UI.

Pamela Fox

Pamela Fox loves to learn, teach, and create, in any combination. Most of the time, she works as a frontend engineer at Coursera on ways to improve the future of online education. Before that, she worked in Google Developer Relations, and graduated from USC’s Computer Science Department. In her workshop, you’ll learn about APIs; An API is a service that lets one website use data or functionality from another website, and most modern webpages rely on at least one API – like the Facebook API for social interaction, the Google Analytics API for tracking, or the DoubleClick API for ads. In this session, Pamela will give you a whirlwind overview of the many JavaScript APIs that you can use to enhance your apps and provide examples of API-powered hacks.

Valerie Aurora

Valerie Aurora has over ten years of experience as both an open source developer and an advocate for women in open source. In 2011, Valerie co-founded the Ada Initiative with Mary Gardiner in order to work full-time on increasing the participation of women in open source, Wikipedia, and other areas of open technology and culture. In Valerie’s workshop, we will practice responding to sexism from the perspective of a male ally. Often, when a sexist incident happens, we are so busy being shocked and amazed that we can’t react quickly. Sometimes days can go by before we figure out what to do. This is true for even the most experienced and educated men and women. The solution is practice. By running through theoretical scenarios in a friendly environment, we have a better chance at responding in the real world.

Prachi Gupta

Prachi is an entrepreneurial software engineer who loves to conceptualize, design and deliver software. She is adept at technology exploration and creating innovative solutions to real world problems, from socially driven consumer websites to enterprise business intelligence & analytics software. A hacker at heart, Prachi loves to use technology for solving problems and making things better and easier to use. Prachi and her fellow hacker Matthew Shoup will be hosting a workshop on rapid prototyping. The workshop will run the gamut from the hacker mindset and core objectives of a hack or hackathon to the tools and resources that can be used to build quick hacks. The session wraps up with a demo and code walkthrough of a hack built using some of the tools covered in the workshop.

Matthew Shoup

In his day job, Matthew develops tools, systems, and applications that connect the world’s enterprise business applications and makes them more productive and successful. In his Hacker role, he connects people with technology and helps develop ideas from simple kernels to shippable products. Matthew loves interfacing with people and enjoys learning new technologies to simply solve complex business problems. He will be cohosting the rapid prototyping session with Prachi Gupta.

Note: Additional speakers may be added as we draw nearer to the event. Check back for more info both here and on the Eventbrite page.