Four Teachers joined our accelerator in June of 2012 with a project to provide an intuitive search mechanism for teachers to find state requirements enabling them to build lesson plans. They created a site called Teaching Desk with a search tool called The Key along with community tools to help teachers share lesson plans (The Cabinet) and find each other (The Lounge).

Previous to the creation of The Key, there was no online resource for US teachers to search directly through the 120+ educational standards that their lesson plans must conform to. All lesson plans must be justified to school administrators based on these standards and requirements. This meant that teachers either had the choice to use pre-written, “canned” lesson plans purchased from third parties or spend hours sifting through paper and pdf documents to find the requirements that fit the lessons they wanted to create themselves.

The Four Teachers started their project with a focus on Texas teaching standards, but are expanding their database to cover the standards in all 50 states.


Summary of the project:

7 minute 45 second walkthrough of the project as it exists today:

Key Walkthrough Vid from Randy mathisen on Vimeo.

The Code:

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Get Involved:

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Graphic designers & front end developers
We need some graphic designer love and some front end WordPress theming to make the site as intuitive as possible.
Data/Search programming
We need improved search functionality so that users can find what they’re looking for quickly and improved report tools so that we can learn from their searches how we might make this product better in the future.
Systems Administration
We need to move to a new host to make sure that this application can stand up to a new wave of attention as it grows. We need server setup, software migration, and your general knowledge of security and scalability to make it all work.
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