Friday Challenge: Civic Data & Analyzing Oil Contracts

Posted on Jan 30, 2015 in Get Involved
Friday Challenge: Civic Data & Analyzing Oil Contracts

This week’s challenge is an important data challenge for civic hacking. If you spend even just a couple of hours this weekend, you can help make buried information about government oil contracts available to the public.

From CrowdCrafting:

Transparency has won big victories in its 15 years or so of life as a movement, with contract transparency in particular rapidly gaining momentum. We, at, are firm believers that governments publishing their oil contracts is a clear step towards better governance of the oil industry (check out for most of the world’s published oil contracts).

Yet, having access to contracts is the first step. To improve the understanding of the industries, it is also important to know more about the companies signing these contracts, where they are registered, where they operate, etc. Company groups like BP control hundreds of subsidiaries and affiliates, while making use of the various legal contexts they operate in.

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