Hackathon against Gender Based Violence 2016 : Call for Applications

Posted on Oct 14, 2015 in hackathons

Hackathong Against Gender Based Violence

With great pleasure, we are announcing the “Hackathon against Gender Based Violence” which will take place in Ranchi during Jan 24-26, 2016 . This hackathon will focus on building sustainable technologies to prevent gender based violence .

Phase 1 Applicants : 

We invite you to apply for the hackathon by Thursday, November 5th, 2015. The initial selection of participants will be announced by November 9 , 2015.

Phase 2 Applicants : 

The phase 2 applicants come through events by our partners . The last date to apply through this is on Nov 15th 2015 . The initial selection for this will be announced by November 18th 2015

Final participants will be selected during December and announced by December 31, 2015. Below are the details about the hackathon, as well as selection process and the other requirements needed to apply for the hackathon.

Hackathon against Gender Based Violence

Though Gender Based Violence is a persistent issue in India, very few initiatives have brought together technologists and activists to creatively think of solutions.
In India the issues of gender based violence are influenced not only by individuals but have deep cultural issues attached to them. Hence, while building solutions one needs to think through these cultural issues. This event would act as an enabler to think about solutions around the local issues of gender based violence, involving discussions and learning opportunities along with building technology.

The aim of this event would be to create an environment for building sustainable solutions to Gender Based Violence. In doing so we also make sure the following are achieved in the process:

  • To include the best practices of humanitarian technology building in the solutions
  • To encourage creativity and new approaches to solving a persistent problem
  • To encourage more women to participate in the solution building
  • To build sustainable solutions through this event

Applying for the hackathon

On can apply to the hackathon by filling in the below form .

Selection of Applicants

The selection of Applications for the hackathon takes place in stages . On submission of the above application . The initial selection will be announce through mail by based on in which phase they applied by either 9th or 18th Nov 2015.

The selected application will then undergo a pre-hackathon programme and will be required to provide certain submissions at the end of it.
The final list of selected applicants will be created during the last week of Dec or First week of January .This will include around 70% of the original selected applicants and will be chosen based on submissions.

Pre hackathon Programme

This is an online Eliademy.org course designed with the end goal of general education as well as to promote better application development during the intense period of application development at the hackathon. This will be a set of webinars, chat sessions and reading material which will equip the participants to build usable and sustainable technology solutions for prevention of GBV.

This programme will run through November and December and will consume few hours every week of the participants. It is compulsory for the participants of the hackathon to undergo this. The programme will provide the flexibility in terms of when the participants can complete. But it require certain submissions to be done before/during the last week of December.

Apart from this in the month of January there will be a series of webinars and chat sessions with technology experts from the Random Hacks of Kindness India Community and Industry Experts. These sessions will be optional and will be provided to help the participants look at a strong technical design for their solutions. These sessions will also focus on educating basic technical skills sets that will be useful for the hackathon.

Final Workshop

On the 24th Jan 2016 participants are expected to come to ranchi for the orientation workshop. Where there will have a set of hands on workshops on building their solutions and also interactions with various national and international practitioners to evaluate their ideas. This is also where people who don’t have teams to work with can form teams and discuss ideas.

Venue, Accommodation, and Travel

The hackathon is most likely to take place in Ranchi during January 24-26, 2016. The venue will be confirmed by November  20, 2015.

We will be providing a common shared  accommodation . The details of which will be shared later in November.

There will be a limited number of Travel Scholarships available. The call for applications for scholarships will be announced shortly.

Food and Internet Access will be arranged for all the participants during the three days of the hackathon event.

Prizes and Post hackathon support

At the end of the hackathon, one (1) project will be awarded the top prize which includes 6 months of mentorship through the Geeks Without Bounds Accelerator Program and a $5,000 stipend to support their ongoing work on their project. During the Accelerator Program, Geeks Without Bounds will work with the winning project team to determine how the project can best become sustainable long term and based on decisions made by the team regarding status and legal container for their project, they will be assisted in seeking further funding — as is standard for all projects in the Accelerator Program. Additionally, the winning project will receive other benefits such as a free one year Bronze Organizational Plan on GitHub, up to $10,000 worth of server space on IBM Softlayer for one year, and other benefits which may be available from our corporate sponsors.

If there are other projects at the hackathon that show significant promise, they will be offered places in the Geeks Without Bounds Accelerator Program — without having to go through the normal application process — under the normal contract.

There will also be efforts to find partner NGOs and Accelerator partners for promising solutions which would need a host to continue their solutions.