Mentor : our teams greatly benefit from domain expertise. Must have a firm grasp of a field of study, be a good teacher, and dedicate at least 1 hour of prep and 1 of engagement for each relevant team each month. Think you’ve got what it takes?

Local Geek : our accelerator is remotely participated in, and teams benefit immensely from plugging into their local community. Think you’ve got the chops, connections, and time to spend with a team in your geography? We’d love to know!

Finances : every program comes with overhead, and ours is no different. You can see our finances here. Our ideal operating budget for the December round includes stipends and seed money for the teams. Anywhere from 5$ to 50k$ is totally welcome and useful, donate and learn more on our sponsorship page.

Evangelize : Believe in what we’re doing? Why not tell your social graph about us? You can follow us, like us, and circle us.


Applications for our next round opens June 1st and closes June 20th. Find out more on the Apply page.


Upcoming events like conferences, Random Hacks of Kindness, SpaceApps Challenge.


Geeks Without Bounds is partnered with NetHope, Microsoft, and Crisis Commons to support the Humanitarian Toolbox. Please peruse their site to see how you can contribute to ongoing projects.