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Taarifa Tanzania Series

Field Research
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Cambridge, MA
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Dar es Salaam
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EveryoneHacks Chicago (June 2013)
EveryoneHacks San Francisco, CA (January 2013)
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+ Followup Overview

Random Hacks of Kindness

RHoK Glasgow CyberSecurity Special Event (Sep 2013)
+ Lanyrd
RHoK #7 Boston, New Orleans, Seattle (June 2013)
RHoK #6 San Francisco (Dec 2012)
RHoK #5.5 ICCM (Oct 2012)
RHoK #5 San Francisco and Seattle (June 2012)
RHoK #4.5 SXSW (March 2012)
RHoK #4 Portland and San Francisco Main Stage (Dec 2011)
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RHoK #3 Seattle Main Stage and San Francisco (June 2011)
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RHoK #2 San Francisco and Seattle (Dec 2010)

Hacking For Disaster 2.0

2012 Birmingham, England
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2013 Birmingham, England

SpaceApps Challenge

2012 San Francisco, US
+ Gov2.0 on SpaceApps San Francisco 2012
+ TheNextWeb
2013 Krakow, Poland
+ WhiteHouse blog
2013 Glasgow, Scotland, UK
+ MetOffice blog
+ Documentary on YouTube
2014 Glasgow, Scotland, UK
2014 Cambridge, MA
2014 Seattle, WA

Crisis Camps Sandy

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Direct facilitation and organization:
San Francisco; Seattle
Assisted logistics:
Auckland; Galway; Cambridge; London; Montreal; Rockville; Washington, DC

With AT&T

Dallas; Miami; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Atlanta; Las Vegas; Boulder; Palo Alto; New York; Cambridge
+ On O’Reilly Strata September 2012

Single-Instance Hackathons (so far)

National Day of Civic Hacking National (June 2013)
Konbit Technologie Port-au-Prince, Haiti (February 2013)
+ Tech President on Konbit Technologie in Port-au-Prince with Digital Democracy.
+ Year-later followup
GameSave National (July 2011)
OpenGov West Portland, OR (May 2011)
HP & Texas A&M Hack4Health (Nov. 2013)
Partnership for a Healthier America Hackathon (Mar. 2014)
NetSuite Hackathon4Good (May 2014)
TADhack (June 2014)
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Doctors Without Borders Annual General Assembly
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IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference Innovating in Times of Disaster
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+ Blog Post
Pecha Kucha 17 in Glasgow
Lisha Sterling spoke about GWOB and ScotlandHacks

MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference
+ blog
+ video (Willow is on at 1:06:00, but the whole thing is fantastic)

FEMA Think Tank meetup at the White House
+ video
+ blog

OSCON 2013
Lindsay spoke about being a digital humanitarian, and was an exhibitor for GWOB.

International Conference of Crisis Mappers 2013, Nairobi, Kenya
Willow and Lindsay led a workshop on value-based design.

Digital Humanitarian Summit 2013, Nairobi, Kenya
Lindsay and Willow organized and facilitated.


International Conference of Crisis Mappers
Volunteer and Technical Community Summit
Hackers on Planet Earth : Solving More Than First World Problems
+ Prezi
+ Video
140 Characters Conference
Startup World


Chaos Communications Congress : Security in crisis, revolution, and disaster
+ Prezi
+ Video
International Conference of Crisis Mappers
+ Day 1
+ Day 2
UN OCHA : Communities of Interest Leadership meeting
STAR-TIDES : Sharing to Accelerate Research-Transformative Innovation Development and Emergency Support
140 Characters Conference
Maker Faire : Making with Purpose
OS Con : Open Source Tools, Social Media, and Crisis Response
+ Interview
ToorCon : Humanitarian Efforts in Hackerspaces
EComm : Communicating Beyond the Horizon
+ Video
HA/DR : Volunteer Technology Community panel
OpenGov West : Syncing Government and Civilian Groups
SXSW : Random Hacks of Kindness panel


140 Characters Conference
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+ Video

Projects and Activities


Promise of Tomorrow about FEMA Sandy response, gearing up for IEEE GHTC. Part 1 and 2 of episode 207.
Agrodomestics Energy monitoring and sustainable equipment development
Bachchao Mobile distress app with recording and alert capabilities
The Pineapple Project Agriculture info SMS app for subsistence farmers in tropics
RELIEF/JIFX Experimentation at Camp Roberts
Burning Man (Range Networks, Ushahidi, Tropo) – Testbed for Crisis communications
Humanitarian Toolbox : in partnership with NetHope, Crisis Commons, and Microsoft. Provides a platform to house challenges and code for tools for use in response.
+ Prezi
On Hansel Minutes with Willow Brugh


BioMedLink Medical device info/review database with device deployment visualization
FourTeachers Curriculum repository database aligned to state standards
WaterMe Global drought monitoring open API and data visualization
FEMA Innovation Team Sandy Deployment
+ Rich Sereno’s (Deputy Director of FEMA) writeup
+ Neu Europe on GWOB’s involvement with Sandy response.
+ Prezi
Humanitarian Toolbox : in partnership with NetHope, Crisis Commons, and Microsoft. Provides a platform to house challenges and code for tools for use in response.
Launched the Accelerator for Humanitarian Projects
+ Prezi
Zombie Tech with Willow Brugh
Zombie Tech with Johnny Diggz
Brainmeats! podcast with Willow Brugh on Occupy tech
Digital Humanitarian Call-Ins : Occasional opportunity for figureheads in the digital response community to check in with each other and provide brief updates
Burning Man (Range Networks, Ushahidi, Tropo) – Testbed for Crisis communications
Digital Humanitarian Network simulation
+ Participation with the Digital Humanitarian Network Simulation at ICCM
VUC Podcast with Johnny Diggz
RELIEF/JIFX Experimentation at Camp Roberts


Tethr (OpenBTS, Tropo, Ushahidi) – Crisis Communications in a box
Tweet3PO (Microsoft, Tropo) – Social Media Crime Awareness tool
Fitwits (with Carnegie Melon University) – Nutrition Education tool
Burning Man (Range Networks, Ushahidi, Tropo) – Testbed for Crisis communications
10-10-10 Podcast on the Channel Project October 2010


+ At LVL1
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