Get to Know the Teams: Agrodomestics!

Posted on Feb 2, 2013 in Accelerator

Agrodomestics, our Madrid-based team focusing on urban sustainability monitoring, already have their collective noses to the grind-stone in the early days of the accelerator program. They have an ambitious goal: to make energy consumption understandable and measurable by everyday people. Via AgroDomestics Energy Monitoring Systems, common resource and energy consumption is made visible and shows the the local impact of resource usage on a global ecosystem.

Their team proposes the development of free hardware and software tools for urban sustainability monitoring through Agronautes device performance data collection. They plan to accomplish this through the public sharing of collected data, data visualization of current and historical trends, and open source manuals and APIs.

Check out the Agrodomestics accelerator application video to get a fuller idea of the breadth and depth of their data gathering and monitoring plans:

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