Got an idea for our Friday Challenges?

Posted on Jan 26, 2015 in Get Involved

Dearest geeks, hackers, coders, makers, and responders of all stripes,

For our new Friday Challenge post series, Geeks Without Bounds is accepting submissions for possible hacking opportunities for our wider community. If you have a humanitarian or disaster response-themed project you’re working on, know of a cause that could really use some technical attention, or have a brilliant idea on how to make the world better, submit your idea to be posted on the GWOBlog.

Submission Guidelines

  • An overview of the challenge
  • Relevant links to technical documentation, code repository, and contextual information
  • Info on your involvement with the project (if any)

If you’re having trouble defining your challenge, take a look at our guide on creating challenge briefs.

Get hacking!