June 2013 Accelerator is now open to applicants!

Posted on Jun 10, 2013 in Accelerator
June 2013 Accelerator is now open to applicants!

Geeks Without Bounds is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the June 2013 round of the Accelerator for Humanitarian Projects. Submit your project by June 20th, 2013 to be eligible.

How It Works
Submit a five minute video about your intended project, a business plan, and any other relevant contextual information. Once submitted, our advisory board reviews each application and selects the ones we feel most closely align with the shared goals of humanitarian response and have the potential for the greatest impact. For more information, check out our lovely Prezi below (follow at your own pace here):

Our Graduated Teams

AgroDomestics (January 2013)
AgroDomestics (a research branch of Agronautes) develops open hardware and software tools for urban sustainability monitoring and visualization.

Bachchao (January 2013)
Note: Trigger warning for victims of assault.
The Bachchao Project is a mobile distress technology developer that aids crime victims in the event of an attack and provides a digital witness and documentation.

The Pineapple Project (January 2013)
The Pineapple Project provides market information access for subsistence farmers in tropical and sub-tropical regions provides information relevant to individual farmers’ planting decisions via SMS and HTML5 platforms.

BioMedLink (June 2012)
BioMedLink aims to bridge the gap between device innovators, end users, and those who fund, manufacture, and distribute biomedical devices in the developing world.

FourTeachers (June 2012)
FourTeachers is a searchable database of curriculum resources to help novice teachers get support while experienced teachers get to track changing national and state standards by uploading their time-tested lessons.

WaterMe (June 2012)
WaterMe is a global and free to access drought monitoring and information service using NDWI data (measuring the amount of water stored in vegetation) extracted from freely available MODIS data supplied by NASA.


Submit your project by June 20th, 2013 to be considered for the accelerator program. Cheers, and good luck!