Meet the Teams : FourTeachers

Posted on Jul 2, 2012 in Accelerator, Get to Know

FourTeachers focuses on improving education in the United States. By providing a resource to check lesson plans against state requirements, instructors have more time to spend on the creative aspects of their work, including engaging students. They got a solid start at Austin’s Random Hacks of Kindness with a focus on Texas, but are building out their platform to work in any area with similar matching requirements.

From the team:

The Desk is a one-stop teacher resource center. Our Goal is to create a searchable database of Texas teaching standards (called The Key); a lesson plan bank that allows teachers to upload or search for lesson plans (called The Cabinet); and a profile-based social network that allows teachers to search for and communicate with other teachers (called The Lounge).

The goal of The Desk is to help novice teachers get support and lessons to help make them better teachers and stay in the classroom, while experienced teachers get to track changing national and state standards by uploading their time-tested lessons.

FourTeachers is Randy Mathisen, Daniel Nettles, Cody Pruitt, and Josh Wyrtzen.