Meet the Teams : WaterMe

Posted on Jul 3, 2012 in Accelerator, Get to Know

From the team:

WaterMe is a global and free to access drought monitoring and information service using NDWI data (measuring the amount of water stored in vegetation) extracted from freely available MODIS data supplied by NASA. The aim is to store the previous 10 years data and provide timely updates through a web interface using an open mapping solution, an API allowing further processing by interested parties, and an SMS gateway for the end users using basic mobile telephony.

When complete, the applications include use by the end user to monitor drought, assisting in selecting the optimum locations for future crops, assisting in the monitoring and assessment of irrigation solutions and to compliment existing monitoring systems that assist aid agencies in preparedness for drought.

Great progress was made at the RHoK event in Southampton where the team delivered a small scale working example that extracts the relevant NDWI data from the raw data provided by NASA and creates a MySQL database covering an area of land, this data is then visualized using an interactive map for review, a demonstration API was also created together with a simple code demonstration of how the API functions.

The team members are Pete Foster, Robin Wilson, Ben Evans, and Tudor Watson.