Open Call for Round 1 of the 2015 Accelerator Projects!

Posted on Feb 5, 2015 in Accelerator

We are pleased to announce that the first round of the 2015 Accelerator for Humanitarian Projects is now open for project submissions!

The Geeks Without Bounds accelerator program is six months of mentorship to take your humanitarian Open Source project from the prototyping stage to toward deployment. We’ll help you figure out your legal container, licenses, funding strategies, and much more. Together, we will craft a program to suit your project and your team’s specific needs as you bring your humanitarian project to life.

Open Source
In order to qualify for the accelerator program, your project must be licensed as some variation of Open Source Software (OSS). If you’re unsure what that is or would like to learn more about the benefits of OSS, please check out The Open Source Initiative for more information. If your project is a hardware project, you must release the designs under an equivalent Creative Commons license or open patent.

For the first three months, you will meet weekly with our pool of mentors to strategize, learn, and grow your project’s capacities. In the second three months of the program, meetings will be biweekly. Please note that we do not do any of your work for you – we provide you with the guidance and expertise of our talented pool of subject matter experts to help you make the most of your accelerator experience.

The Curriculum
Our core program covers five major topics: What sustainability looks like, getting funds, principles of codesign, developing and open source community, and security concerns. Each team has a dedicated GWOB mentor who will guide the team through the full program, connect the team with volunteers, and make introductions to outside resources. During the course of the program they also meet with experts on the various topics within the core program as well as special topics that are of particular interest to work of that team.

Learn more about our curriculum.

The accelerator program costs $6000 for six months of mentorship. If your team already has funding, you can pay this in full at the start or in 6 monthly installments of $1000. For everyone else, the first order of business in the mentorship program will be teaching you how to fundraise. We will guide you as you mount a campaign to raise the funds to pay your tuition and, hopefully some additional funds for team stipends and resources. For any campaign, we will of course signal boost, promote you, and connect you to our network of potential donors/sponsors.

Fill out this form to apply. Things you’ll need to complete the application:

  • Link to a short video or Prezi summarizing your project
  • Github or project page
  • Any other relevant links

If you still have questions, check our FAQ or email us at We’re looking forward to reviewing your applications and welcoming our next round of projects. Good luck from the GWOB team!