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Geeks Without Bounds is an accelerator for humanitarian projects.

Interview: Splunk4Good Program Director Corey Marshall

Jan 21, 2014

Splunk is one of Geeks Without Bounds’ fiscal sponsors (the other being Tropo.

Digital Humanitarian Network Summit 2013: Summary and Outcomes

Jan 13, 2014

The Digital Humanitarian Network Summit 2013 was held in Nairobi, Kenya. Hundreds of members of the response community had gathered for International Conference of Crisis Mappers 2013, and DHN was an pertinent, actionable followup to a meeting of minds around crisis mapping and humanitarian response. The weekend focused on the following breakout sessions: Why do […]

Open Badges for Crisis Response

Jan 8, 2014

Just before the Dublin Hacks event, I found myself in London for Mozfest, the yearly conference for Mozilla. I was there to wander and schmooze, but then I met Jess Klein (now listed on our Who-Is page!). She was working on HackLabs in disaster areas, based on her experience during Hurricane Sandy. What would be […]

Encrypting Communications

Encrypting Communications

Jan 7, 2014

Being in Berlin reminded me that I haven’t been around the hackers I know and love since my last round of gadget aquirement. A lot of conversations have been happening recently around the usability of crypto-aware tools (including an event in DC on Jan 11th that GWOB is doing with OpenITP – you should go!). What we […]

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Organizing a Digital Humanitarian Network Meetup

Dec 27, 2013

There are lots of good resources on how to put together a good meetup, but here’s one specific to GWOB + DHN Meetups. Know what your Goals are Meeting like-minded people sure is great. If you want to meet up just to meet, that’s awesome! But it’s important to know what the goals are, and […]

ICCM vizthinks

ICCM vizthinks

Dec 26, 2013

Ignite Talks 5-minute talks on a wide variety of subjects. Keynote from Andrej Verity on the Digital Humanitarian Network You Can’t Get There From Here Panel on data and communications in difficult-to-reach places.

Self Care and the Humanitarian Response Worker

Dec 18, 2013

As the response community continues to manage the ongoing efforts in the Philippines, long-term stressors are coming to the fore as responders are faced with the pain of those in need. While we are not the affected populations that desperately need aid and resources, we are most definitely vulnerable to those same traumas that they […]

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Is Open Source Safe for Civic Projects and Disaster Response?

Dec 9, 2013

For those of us who spend our lives working with open source software all the time, it seems like a strange thing to think that some people wonder if open source could possibly be as secure as proprietary software, especially for civic projects or disaster response projects, but for many people in government or NGOs, […]

Dublin Hacks Presentations!

Nov 27, 2013

We had a bunch of great projects presented at Dublin Hacks. Here are the details on their specs and focus. Search and Rescue S&R has the aspect of integrating smartphones with a central system, with volunteers on an open source map. They are creating an Android app to server communications. Users can search for and […]

Stop Hacking without specing: a Top 10 needed (Crossposted via TextonTechs.com)

Nov 15, 2013

NOTE: This is cross posted (with permission from Heather Leson).  The original post can be found here http://textontechs.com/2013/11/stop-hacking-without-specing-a-top-10-needed/ Stop Hacking without specing: a Top 10 needed Posted in community, crisis, CrisisCommons, CrisisMappers, Geeks without Bounds, Humanitarian,Mappers, open data By Heather On November 15, 2013   Here we are again. It is the day before a mass of hackathons occur around the world. It is exciting and […]