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Geeks Without Bounds is an accelerator for humanitarian projects.

Taarifa Hackathon Updates

Taarifa Hackathon Updates

May 16, 2014

We camped out for a few lovely days at the inspiring Little Devices out of N51 at MIT. Hugs and hearts to Anna and Jose who brought their brains and their space to our hackdays. And didn’t find our requests for things like buckets, tubing, and CNC strange. We were constantly surrounded by go carts […]

Updates from the Field: Taarifa in Dar es Salaam part 3

May 6, 2014

Thursday is a holiday, and so no meetings – we wake up early and head to Mkuranga District – a rural, rather than urban (like Tendale), slum. We run for the ferry, tho thankfully we don’t have to jump for it, new journalist friend Erin in tow. On the other side of the sea, we […]

Updates from the Field : Taarifa in Dar es Salaam, part 2

May 5, 2014

People don’t lean out of vehicles to ask for directions here, as they did in Nairobi. The security guards, when they exist, lounge in chairs and ask questions rather than standing, mostly silent, with automatic weapons. But like Nairobi, meetings can start (and end) hours late due to traffic, to tardy risers, to rain that […]

Updates from the field: Taarifa and Dar es Salaam

May 4, 2014

6.5 hours from JFK to AMS, and another 11 from there to DAR. Woobly from hours on planes, binging on movies, and clandestine email response; I stood in a pen full of anxious people waiting to regain their passports. I watched the processing, detecting patterns but not defined process – most passports and paperwork went in […]

Water Infrastructure in Tanzania

May 1, 2014

We’d like to invite you to come hack on data, software (front and back end), hardware, and all the bits between in Cambridge at MIT’s Little Devices on May 7th and 8th (bit.ly/taarifabos), in London May 24th and 25th (bit.ly/taarifalondon), and in Dar es Salaam (bit.ly/taarifadar) May 31st and June 1st. The Challenge There’s not […]

Mozilla Open Badges

Mar 28, 2014

Mozilla has created an Open Badges platform intended to make experience, knowledge, and proficiency of volunteers/organizations more legible and navigable. Through Badgekit, organizations are able to create, assess and issue badges. This platform easily connects with websites and services so integration of Open Badges is easily brought to communities. In their own words: What is […]

Value-Based Design Workshop

Mar 21, 2014

Bex and I put together a Value-Based Design workshop for the Codesign Studio at MIT Media Lab. Originally posted on the Codesign site (and then to the Civic blog and Bex’s blog). Here’s how we did it: link to the hackpad version of this post When you are designing a project for social justice, where do you start? In this workshop, […]

PHA Innovation Challenge: Update on Teams!

Mar 9, 2014

The teams are hacking away on their projects – take a look at what they’re working on below, and check out The Feast’s breakdown of Day 1! On of the onsite subject matter experts in food sciences, Dr. Deirdre Rogers, said of the projects that “there are at least 3 commercially viable and solidly-planned projects […]

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PHA Innovation Challenge: Call for Coders!

Mar 8, 2014

Geeks Without Bounds is currently at the PHA Innovation Challenge in the center of Washington, DC, and we’re low on coders! The teams at this hackathon are currently working on applications that help solve childhood obesity. You can read about the challenges and the solutions that teams are working on at https://pha.hackpad.com/collection/vuHnGUYaUu5 If you’re in […]

Get Your Tech On For The PHA Innovation Challenge

Mar 7, 2014

Tomorrow morning, we’ll be getting together with representatives from the Partnership for a Healthier America and a group of coders, designers, writers, teachers and other subject matter experts to prototype solutions to two challenges that the PHA has set for this year’s pre-conference hackathon. If you are coming to event, it’s time to make sure […]