Partnership with Splunk!

Posted on Apr 2, 2013 in Other Companies

We’re entering into a partnership with Splunk as one of our program sponsors. We feel extremely fortunate to be working with a company that not only makes data easy to understand and analyze, but also actively engages in social good via their Splunk 4 Good program.

What does this partnership mean for Geeks Without Bounds?
Splunk will be supporting GWOB through funding (see our transparent accounting doc here), mentorships with our accelerator teams, product trainings on the Splunk platform for our teams and other humanitarian organizations in our network, and sponsored hackathons.

Christy Wilson, the head of the Splunk 4 Good division, will take a seat on our advisory board to help Geeks Without Bounds scale and grow in the digital humanitarian space. She’s already provided excellent mentorships to our accelerator teams and given them resources and food for thought. We can’t wait to see the further good that will come out of this partnership and its future initiatives!