Information We Collect

GWOB only collects information voluntarily provided by you, such as names, email addresses, and other information provided through forms on our website.  GWOB does not employ any IP logging software, cookies, or other “behind-the-scenes” information gathering technologies on our website.

The Way We Use Information

GWOB only uses the information you provide to us for the purpose that you provided it.  If you signed up for an email list, we will use it for that list and nothing else.  If you submitted a project, we will only contact you in connection with the project that you submitted.

Open Systems and Transparency

GWOB uses online tools for governance, which include publicly accessible information.  You should assume that any information you provide to GWOB, other than personal contact information, could end up being publicly accessible upon submission or in the future.

Sharing of Personal Contact Information

Any personal contact information (or “personally identifiable information”) collected by GWOB will not be shared with third parties except (1) with your consent, or (2) if, in the good faith determination of GWOB or its counsel, disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with legal process, such as a subpoena or court order.

If we receive a request for disclosure pursuant to legal process, we will make our best attempts to contact you ahead of time and provide you with an opportunity to object or challenge the legal process, so long as contacting you is not violative of the law under the circumstances.

Changes and Opt-Outs

If at any time you want us to change anything about the way we contact you or what information we maintain about you—including asking us to delete anything you have provided to us—just email using the address available on the website us and let us know.  So long as the request would not violate the law, we will respect your wishes.

If we change anything about this privacy policy, it will be published on this website.  GWOB reserves the right to make changes to this policy in its sole discretion.