Random Hacks of Kindness Security at HAXPO

Posted on May 15, 2015 in Conferences, Events, Get Involved, hackathons

We’re just two weeks away from the Random Hacks of Kindness Security (RHoKSec) hackathon at Hack In The Box/HAXPO! Join us in building, testing, and improving open source humanitarian projects.

Testing Taarifa civic infrastructure reporting tools for vulnerabilities.

This software is already being used to manage municipal water systems and other civic infrastructure in Tanzania. Soon it will be used for a new purpose, tracking land encroachment and pollution in indigenous reservation land in the Amazon jungle. We will have a laboratory set up for you to test based on the standard install instructions for the project.

Testing some of the security features in the Pidgin chat client.

We may have found some (ahem) problems already. Poke at the software with us and lets see if we can find some more.

Building requested security features for Pidgin

When we approached the Pidgin team about what we may have already found, they were super friendly. Then they asked us to help them build better security for the application.

Building apps for secure communications on FirefoxOS devices.

FirefoxOS devices are marketed to low income people and people living in low resource countries. We believe that those people deserve access to secure chat, secure telephone calls, and other tools like those available through the Guardian Project from Android devices. Help us make that a thing.

Designing a Jungle Network

An indigenous community in Ecuador would like to build a wireless network that will cover a million acres of land in the Amazon. There are some challenges, though. Hardwood trees block radio signals. There are no roads. Heavy rains may dislodge equipment. Animals may eat your infrastructure. There are bugs everywhere. Heat and humidity shorten the lifespan of digital equipment. Sound like a fun challenge? We think so!

Over the next few days we’ll be posting more information about each of these on our blog at http://gwob.org. We hope that you will come join us on 28 & 29 May in Amsterdam!

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