SpaceApps Challenge Krakow: Final Logistics

Posted on Apr 18, 2013 in Events
SpaceApps Challenge Krakow: Final Logistics

Hello SpaceApps Attendees!

In preparation for Saturday, here is some logistical information before the event gets started.

Challenges and Projects
We’ve curated a list of challenges we’ll be participating in that we feel are most beneficial to society as a whole and give back in a humanitarian way. Check out the list below for a more detailed explanation of the challenge and the effect it will have on a global and local scale.

Project creation is now live on the SpaceApps site. Participants can create a project by clicking “Create Project” in the top bar of the main site or from any challenge page.

To create a project, teams need three things:

  • A Title
  • A Description
  • The License they want to release it under (a list of open source licenses is provided on the project creation form)

All other information may be added as we progress through the weekend. Please note that this may take a bit of time to query. Feel free to look around, but we suggest waiting until the event begins to submit a project.

Location Logistics
We’re holding our event at Google for Entrepreneurs Krakow (thanks, Google!). If you’re having trouble getting in or finding us, please send a tweet to @SpaceAppsKrakow and we’ll help you find us!

Rynek Główny 12, 3 piętro
Krakow, Poland (map)

Getting into the building: Enter through the door to the Pasasz 13 side of the building with the Google logo at the entrance. Go straight and turn right at the end of the hall. The elevator will be on your right.

We’ve got some amazing speakers coming to the event to lead workshops and give lightning talks. There are also reserved speaking spots for attendees if you would like to give a lightning talk (5 minutes or less) on any topic related to SpaceApps or technology in general. Email if you’d like to sign up for a lightning talk. Check out a detailed breakdown of the schedule here on the Geeks Without Bounds blog, and check the event page here for updates.

Cloud Computing Resources
Two organizations, CloudSigma and Dimension Data, have offered complimentary cloud computing resources to participants in the Space Apps Challenge. Cloud Sigma is offering general services, and Dimension Data is providing $200 USD in free credit to participants. Credentials to these resources will be available onsite the first day of the event.

Please note: These resources come without endorsement of NASA or the SpaceApps Challenge, and we are unable to offer technical or other support regarding them.

Social Media
Hashtags: #SpaceApps #SpaceAppsKRK
Official Twitter Handles: @SpaceAppsKrakow @GWOBorg @SpaceApps
Tumblr: SpaceApps Krakow
Sponsor Social Media: To say thank you! @Tropo @Webmuses US Consulate General Krakow @Google

Willow Brugh @willowbl00
John “Diggz” Higgins @diggz
They are wonderful and hard-working. Please show them some love!

Many thanks to our generous sponsors!
Geeks Without Bounds
Google for Entrepreneurs Krakow
U.S. Consulate General, Krakow

If you know of anyone who would like to attend, spread the word! You can still sign up here until the day of the event, and at the door on the day of the event.