The Synergy Strike Force at STAR-TIDES

This is M@, writing on behalf of GWOB and reporting on the recent STAR-TIDES demo at Fort Mcnair ( ). @willowbl00 and I attended the demo day to see where hackers, makers, and the judicious application of open source technologies might fit in to existing relief applications and organizations. While there we met a fascinating collection of incredibly active super-powered geeks called the Synergy Strike Force.

The interior of the Synergy Strike Force tent, displaying their efforts to map Afghanistan, their education outreach programs, and their presence on the Playa.

The Synergy Strike Force is a self governing team of multifaceted brilliant citizen scientists who unite on various causes, pursue local contacts, and act with precision and focus to push technology and education into the most sensitive areas on the globe. They’re a led by Dr. Dr. Dave Warner [sic] who is known for his work in Afghanistan, at MindTel, and fleshing out the Open Street Map database in war-torn countries.

For a clearer view of what the Synergy Strike Force is about, you may wish to view this slideshow.For an even clearer view of what they’re about, you can get in touch with Dr. Dr. Dave Warner of Synergy Strike Force here.

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