Uchaguzi: Monitoring the 2013 Kenyan Election

Posted on Mar 4, 2013 in Crisis Response, Other Companies, Projects we like
Uchaguzi: Monitoring the 2013 Kenyan Election

Today is the Kenyan general election, and their first election since the new constitution was implemented. After the 2008 Kenyan election, violence erupted amid alleged charges of results manipulation. Ushahidi, a crowdsourced reporting platform, provided visualizations of violence and citizen reports during both the 2008 and 2010 elections. For the 2013 elections, Ushahidi has launched the Uchaguzi project to provide election monitoring in collaboration with humanitarian response task forces to provide transparent reporting on election results and practices, and to prevent post-electorate violence.

Uchaguzi is an Ushahidi deployment to monitor the Kenyan general election on March 4th 2013. The Uchaguzi project aims to contribute to stability in Kenya, by increasing transparency and accountability through active citizen participation in the electoral cycles. Rather than introducing a new concept or organisation, the project seeks to leverage on existing (traditional) activities around electoral observation, such as those carried out by the Elections Observer Group (ELOG) in Kenya. Uchaguzi will assist in the creation of a more rapid reporting and alert system in traditional electoral monitoring, as well as bring in the voice of citizens as a new dimension in electoral monitoring through crowd sourcing of data.


Three key components:
Crowd: the main focus of Uchaguzi and the source of most of the reports. We want people to send us any information on the election/electoral process that they feel is significant
Verification: the process through which Uchaguzi evaluates information and determines how credible it is
Response: Getting verified information to organizations and individuals who can intervene positively and monitoring that response to measure its effectiveness.

Follow the Uchaguzi team’s updates through the extent of the Kenyan election process via their virtual sitroom, their main visualization site, and Twitter.